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Lawn Equipment Rentals

Everything you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Now with multiple add-on options, these are the perfect rentals for small space yard work. We drop off right to you and pick up free of charge.

Starting at   $18

Mower Blade Sharpening & Maintenance

From routine blade sharpening to full service winterization we'll help keep your mower running smoothly and cutting with perfection.

Starting at   $39

Frequently Asked Questions

When I rent lawn care equipment from Mower Sharp, will it be delivered to my home?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service, and that includes making lawn care as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Best of all, there are no additional delivery charges or hidden fees! What you see is what you pay.

After I have completed my lawn care with Mower Sharp’s rented equipment, do I have to drop the equipment off anywhere?

It would surely be a pain-in-the-a** for us to ask you to bring the equipment back to us, so we promise to pick the equipment up the same day that it is rented, without any additional expense to you.

I am currently paying a landscaper to come to my home and cut my grass for me. Why would Mower Sharp be a better alternative?

Of course, some people will always prefer to have someone do all of the work for them at a higher price, but we have found that there are plenty of do-it-yourselfers out there that take pride in taking care of their home’s landscaping. For those that don’t want to pay high prices for professionals to tend to a lawn, Mower Sharp offers an affordable and extremely convenient solution for people with smaller yards to tend to their lawns with the detail and care each lawn deserves.

I already own my own lawn care equipment and just need help performing basic maintenance. Can Mower Sharp help?

We are there for you If you already purchased your own lawn equipment and need help with basic mower maintenance. It is one thing to buy and own the equipment, but another to take care of it. Just like your car, your mower needs and deserves some TLC maintenance to stay in pristine condition.

What kind of equipment is available to be rented from Mower Sharp?

Reduce reuse recycle. We at Mower Sharp are proud to offer a selection of battery-powered lawn equipment over the available gas-powered alternatives. Electric lawn equipment offers many benefits such as being easier to use, quieter, and environmentally friendlier.

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